A 20-year-old student, completely paralyzed in a nightclub

A college student was filmed lying «completely paralyzed» on a ladder after her drink hit her while spending a night out.

Shocking photos show student Ilana Elbaz, 20, in a difficult condition after returning from a Bristol nightclub a few weeks ago.

In the footage, the college student can be seen struggling to climb the stairs as her eyes roll and her head hangs on the railing.

She says she was stunned and called on clubs to do more to protect revelers, including using lids on drinks, such as takeaway coffee, to protect clubs.

in an interview with BBCSharing the footage, she said: ‘I was amazed at a Bristol nightclub and only knew it happened when I watched his videos.

“And looking back, I could have foreseen it would happen. Luckily I was with friends.

«Looking back, I was encouraged by this guy and the moment I told him ‘Oh, I’m with my boyfriend’ he asked me if I wanted to dance with him, and the moment I felt ‘I’m with my boyfriend’ he totally left me.

«An hour later I came home and was completely paralyzed.»

Nightclubs called for more to be done to prevent spikes, and said they should put lids on drinks, such as ready-to-eat drinks.

She said it was «shocking» that this had not happened.

It comes as dozens of young women have come forward to tell of their horror of finding a prick in their arm or leg realizing they were beaten with injections in nightclubs.

Several said they were avoiding clubbing and house parties as a result — or they were wearing thicker denim to protect themselves.

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Police chiefs said plainclothes officers were likely to be deployed to nightclubs although women’s groups warned some women had struggled to trust the troops in the wake of Sarah Everard’s killer.

Home Secretary Priti Patel has requested an urgent update from police after shocking reports of women being injected into nightclubs across the country.

Universities said they are working with bars and police to help ensure the safety of students following the reports.

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