Additional Pandemic Bank Holiday May Be In February Or «Double» In March

The government is currently considering holding an additional pandemic bank holiday next February or holding a «dual» bank holiday in March.

Although initial plans will be made in November as part of a reward for the efforts of frontline workers and in honor of lives lost, the recent surge in virus cases and hospital numbers means it has now been pushed back to next year.

Speaking to reporters in Brussels, Tanist Leo Varadkar said the pandemic was still «raging», so it would be more appropriate to push it into next year.

«I think it’s fair to say it won’t be this year because the pandemic is still rampant, and I think if we have this extra public holiday we’ll have to notify people of that so they can regulate their own shift patterns, on holiday,» Mr Varadkar said. Weekend, whatever they want to do.»

He said the government is currently considering holding it in February or holding a «double» bank holiday in March along with St Patrick’s Day.

“What is still being considered is February or the double bank holiday in March but no decision has been made on that because the priority right now as you can imagine is to open up, stay safe, stay safe and manage the pandemic.

He added that «an official holiday would be premature at this stage.»

Mr Varadkar said the bank holiday would be a «day of remembrance» and a day of «recognition» for those who have «done so much» during the pandemic.

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