Boris Johnson ‘running out of friends’ as Brexit secretary quits

A senior Conservative MP has warned Boris Johnson that he is running out of time and friends to help deliver on his promises, with the Mail on Sunday reporting that Brexit Secretary Lord Frost has resigned.

Lord Frost, who led the negotiations with the European Union, reportedly handed his letter of resignation to Boris Johnson last week.

But the Mail on Sunday reports he is convinced to stay until January.

The newspaper reported that it was the implementation of Plan B measures for the Corona virus that prompted Lord Frost to make his decision, including the implementation of Covid permits.

The case brought Mr Johnson his biggest rebellion to date this week, when nearly 100 MPs defied the party’s whip to vote against the passes.

And Andrew Bridgen, Brexit MP (North West Leicestershire) warned that Lord Frost’s resignation showed the prime minister was «running out of time and friends to deliver on the promises and discipline of a true Conservative government».

«Lord Frost made it clear, 100 Tory MPs made it clear, but most importantly the people of North Shropshire did it,» he wrote on Twitter.

The Mail on Sunday also said Lord Frost was disappointed by the tax increases and the cost of net zero policies.

The negotiator recently got into a number of tense rounds of talks with European Commission Vice President Maros Sefcovic as the UK and EU try to bridge gaps in post-Brexit arrangements.

His resignation adds to the pressure on Johnson, who has already endured his worst week politically since becoming British prime minister with the rebellion, the loss of a former Conservative Party seat in North Shropshire in the election, and continuing allegations about the parties in Whitehall. during lockdown restrictions.

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DUP leader Jeffrey Donaldson (Liam McBurney/Penn)

In Northern Ireland, Democratic Unionist Party leader Sir Geoffrey Donaldson said Lord Frost’s departure was a bad sign of Johnson’s commitment to removing the Irish Sea frontier.

In a tweet, Donaldson said: «This government is distracted by internal conflict, and Lord Frost has been frustrated on a number of fronts.

“We wish David well. We have enjoyed a strong relationship with him and his team, but this raises more serious questions for the Prime Minister and his approach to the NI protocol.”

One of Lord Frost’s toughest challenges was trying to find a way to solve problems with the Northern Ireland Protocol, which aims to avoid the difficult border on the island of Ireland.

But the implementation of the protocol has caused problems with customs, agri-food, trade and medicine – among other things.

This week’s action has been found on medicines, but red lines remain for both parties, including for the UK’s oversight role of the European Court of Justice.

Lord Frost said this week that he expected negotiations with the EU to continue until 2022.

European Commission Vice President Maros Sefcovic, who Lord Frost has been negotiating with (Eddie Mulholland/Daily Telegraph)

Stormont’s deputy first minister, Michelle O’Neill, said Northern Ireland would not become «collateral damage in the Tory chaos».

She wrote on Twitter: «David Frost negotiated Brexit and the majority rejected here. The protocol has since been undermined, limiting the damage Brexit will have to our people and economy.»

“Now we need momentum in the talks to make it work better.

«The North will not be collateral damage in the Tory chaos.»

Former Northern Ireland First Minister Arlene Foster described Lord Frost’s resignation as «enormous».

She tweeted: «Lord Frost’s resignation from Government is a huge moment for the Government but huge for those of us who thought he would get it done for NI.»

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