Brazilian Bolsonaro in hospital after persistent hiccups may need surgery to clear the blockage

A spokesman for Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro has confirmed that he has an «intestinal obstruction» that may need «emergency surgery».

The far-right leader has been hospitalized with persistent hiccups today.

The 66-year-old has been publicly complaining since last week of suffering from postoperative hiccups on July 3 on dental implants.

The Ministry of Communications said in a statement that Bolsonaro was initially transferred to a military hospital in the capital, Brasilia, but will now be transferred to Sao Paulo for further tests.

She did not reveal when or to which hospital he would be transferred.

«He is in good spirits and feels comfortable,» the presidency said earlier today.

Bolsonaro has been examined in Brasilia by Antonio Macedo, who has operated on the president several times since he was stabbed in the stomach in 2018 while campaigning.

If it is confirmed he will need surgery, it will be the seventh since he was stabbed by a former member of the Socialist and Liberty Party (PSOL), a group that broke away from former President Luis Inacio’s Workers’ Party (PT). Lula da Silva, who is looking to race against Bolsonaro next year.

«Another challenge, as a result of the assassination attempt by a former member of PSOL, the left arm of the Workers’ Party, to prevent the victory of millions of Brazilians who wanted change in Brazil,» Bolsonaro wrote on Twitter.

«A brutal attack not only against me but against democracy.»

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Speaking to a local radio station last week, Bolsonaro said: «This has happened to me before, probably because of the medication I take, I get hiccups 24 hours a day.»

On Tuesday evening, a tired Bolsonaro complained about the problem to his supporters outside his official residence in Brasilia.

“People, my voice is gone. If you start talking too much, the hiccups will come back… It has already happened,” he said.

Bolosonaro also contracted Covid-19 last year even though his symptoms were mild and he did not need hospital treatment.

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