Brexit supporter Nigel Farage says he was hit by a truck after searching for fuel at seven gas stations

Nigel Farage says a truck hit his car while he was driving for fuel amid the ongoing supply chain crisis in Britain.

In a message posted on Twitter, the former Brexit-Reform Party leader-turned-anchor-anchor complained about empty gas stations across the country.

He said he visited seven front yards without fuel before eventually finding one where he could fill as he attacked Boris Johnson’s government, which he accused of trying to downplay the crisis.

He complained that “the government is telling us that the fuel crisis is receding…I went to seven gas stations this morning and there was no fuel in any of them.”

“Then he was hit by a truck while parked at a roundabout. Great start to the day!”

He did not disclose whether he sustained any injuries as a result of the clash.

Farage was instrumental in the campaign to take the UK out of the European Union, but left politics in March this year after never winning a seat in Parliament.

In July, he joined embattled GB News as executives tried to raise low ratings after a row over the presenter taking a knee live on air.

As the UK prepared to leave the bloc, Mr Farage dismissed a report in September 2019 that outlined a “worst-case scenario” when London cut ties with Brussels.

Operation Yellowhammer has warned that food and medicine supplies could run out in a no-deal Brexit scenario.

Responding to the report in an interview with ITV’s Peston, Mr Farage claimed the warning was “Project Fear Sign 2”, referring to the campaign’s remaining warnings that the economy would be severely affected by Brexit.

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He told the programme: “I have never seen such utter nonsense in my life…there are over 100 active ports in the UK, and there will be no shortage of food.” “It’s utter nonsense – Project Fear Mark 2… It should be totally, totally, totally ignored!”

Britain is currently in the grip of a supply chain crisis that has affected a wide range of products, from food to gasoline supplies, although shortages in the latter have been exacerbated by panic buying.

Britain’s exit from the European Union has been blamed as one of the factors contributing to the crisis, as the country suffers from a shortage of drivers for heavy goods vehicles.

Thousands of heavy truck drivers from Europe who left the UK after Brexit or during the pandemic are now unable to return easily due to new immigration rules.


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