Call for resolution of protocol tensions in open letter to UK and EU

More than 50 civic, business, union and academic leaders have signed an open letter calling on the UK and EU to work with the Northern Executive and the Irish government to provide “balanced, detailed and reasonable solutions” to Brexit tensions. and the Northern Ireland Protocol.

They warned that support for the peace process in the north “cannot be rhetorical” and said that “rebuilding trust” between the UK and the EU was “essential to dialogue” and “essential to the peace process”.

The letter, published on Sunday, was prepared by the Peacebuilding Cooperative Charitable Foundation in Ireland and the Institute of Irish Studies at the University of Liverpool.

Its signatories include Anne MacGregor, chairperson of the Northern Ireland Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Paul Bartholomew, Vice-Chancellor of the University of Ulster, Owen Reddy, Associate General Secretary of the ECTO trade union, and former leader of the Alliance party John Alderdes.

The letter also stressed the need for talks before the end of some Brexit grace periods in October, and encouraged discussion in three areas: Proportionality. Organized and purposeful engagement, including with civil society; Focus on the opportunities offered by the protocol.

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