Carlow’s man’s family in Canada falls ‘broken’ as they confirm he is dead

An Irishman died after a horrific fall in Canada last weekend.

31-year-old Eric Fitzgibbon sustained a serious brain injury in a fall outside an apartment in Vancouver on Sunday.

Eric was “making a life” for himself in the Canadian city before sliding down some stairs and hitting his head.

He was fighting to stay in the hospital but tragically died of his injuries.

His aunt Georgina posted on a GoFundMe page set up to help with his costs on Friday to confirm the sad news.

She wrote, “We are devastated to share the incredibly sad news that our Eric has passed away.

“He did not survive his injuries.

“We should now focus on repatriation and funeral costs along with the medical costs incurred, and so we will keep this page open until we are certain of that cost.

Eric Fitzgibbon

“Our goal is to somehow help other families with the money left and when we can we will update you with this information. Thank you all for your kindness, love, prayers, memories, family support and love to show you friends on a journey that has been so challenging.

“Remember Eric today and please pray for Bridgegear, Sorcha and Sinead, his heartbroken family and Eric’s dear friends who are grieving at this difficult time.”

The page has now been renamed the Eric Fitzgibbon Memorial Fund.

You can donate Here.

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