Construction workers have the lowest uptake of Covid vaccine in the country

New statistics from the Central Statistics Office (CSO) show that construction workers have the lowest uptake of the Covid vaccine in the country.

Data from the Statistics Authority found that only 75% of construction workers experienced blows, compared to the national average of 84%.

The Central Statistical Office found that working women are more likely to be vaccinated than the rest of the population.

It was found that workers in the public administration and defense sector had the highest uptake as 93% of people received vaccinations.

The Central Bureau of Statistics also found that there was a significant decrease in uptake of the vaccine in people from some countries.

For example, the data showed that people from EU countries 14-27 living in Ireland had relatively low levels of vaccination.

EU 14-27 countries are the Czech Republic, Cyprus, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Hungary, Malta, Poland, Slovenia, Slovakia, Romania, Bulgaria and Croatia.

The study found that only 39% of working men and 49% of working women from these countries had at least one dose of the Covid vaccine.

However, the stats come with a caveat.

The Central Bureau of Statistics warned that it uses new methods under development and data sources that may be incomplete.

So far, 90% of people over 12 years old across the country have been vaccinated. A booster campaign is now underway with more than 800,000 people over the age of 60 to get another dose next week.

Speaking to reporters at University College Dublin this afternoon, Taoiseach said targeted advertisements are being put in place to attract cohorts that have not yet been vaccinated.

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These announcements will be in different languages, he said, adding that some countries in Europe have a higher level of resistance against vaccines. He said this was due to various historical reasons, such as the relationship that people may have with the state for decades.

He said that information on specific target vaccines will now be directed to different communities in order to increase uptake.

Tanist Leo Varadkar today also spoke about the government’s plan for a dedicated vaccination campaign to reach non-English speaking communities.

Speaking in Mullingar today, he said there were some groups whose turnout was «very low». He explained that this could be due to various reasons such as not having access to information in their own language, as well as possibly relying on information from the media in their country, where uptake of the vaccine may be very low.

Varadkar said a dedication campaign in other languages ​​would be a «good idea».

With a report by Christina Finn

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