Covid-19 Ireland LIVE: What we can expect to hear after the NPHET meet as the Omicron variant hits Ireland

The NPHET is meeting this morning to decide if new Covid restrictions are needed and to discuss the new wave of the virus.

The variant’s first case was discovered in Ireland yesterday, and chief medical officer Dr Tony Holohan said officials would «assume the worst» until they know more.

NPHET is expected to recommend more measures to the government, which could lead to a tightening of restrictions due to the Omicron variant.

At this meeting, they will also have updated predictions about what the Omicron variant might have on people’s health and the hospital system.

The country may return to a deeper lockdown before Christmas if case numbers do not drop significantly.

Justice Minister Helen McEntee said she did not expect the country to return to lockdown but said the government would respond to new measures NPHET might recommend.

Michael Martin said that «we have to keep our cool» while facing the Omicron variant.

Taoiseach told TDs that it would take two weeks to fully assess the effect of the Omicron variant on transmissibility, severity, and escape of the vaccine.

Leader Fianna Fail said we need a combination of vigilance, reduced socialization and an accelerated booster campaign in the meantime.

And TDs warned that «we must remain calm and careful and wait for the flag.

«We need a combination of vigilance, reduced socialization and an accelerated booster campaign.»

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