Did you catch Covid over the weekend? The first Omicron symptoms you will feel in the next 48 hours

A few days after Christmas, most people will cut off their contacts to avoid any possibility of contracting Covid-19.

The Omicron variant has been circulating in the community for a few weeks now and is known to be more transmissible than the Delta variant.

Irish health officials have said at this point that nearly half of all new infections are linked to the new strain.

The chief medical officer, Dr. Tony Holohan, shared the worrying forecast over the weekend, and said: «Recent international experience and the rapid spread of the transmissible Omicron variant here means we can expect to see a significant number of cases over the next short period of time.»

If you have been abroad for the past few days and are concerned that you may have contracted the virus, there are a number of symptoms to look out for.

Did you catch Covid over the weekend? The first Omicron symptoms you will feel in the next 48 hours

Health officials remind the public that you can still get infected if you’ve been fully vaccinated, but that your symptoms can be mild.

Delta, beta and gamma strains show symptoms between 5-14 days after infection, but UK health experts have suggested that Omicron’s symptoms can develop earlier.

The new data also shows that cold-like symptoms are more commonly reported by people with Omicron.

The latest data, published by health sciences company Zoe last week, reveals that the top five symptoms of Omicron are currently:

  • Runny nose
  • Headache
  • fatigue (either mild or severe)
  • sneezing
  • Dry/scratched throat
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These differ from some of the other symptoms associated with different variables, such as: a high temperature, a new and persistent cough, and a loss or change in the sense of taste or smell.

If you develop any symptoms, you should immediately self-isolate and schedule a PCR test to confirm whether or not you are infected.

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