EU rejects proposal to lock Ireland into single market

Sources in the European Union have categorically denied a report that it is possible to conduct checks on goods between the Republic and the rest of the bloc countries if Britain continues to not fully implement them in the Irish Sea.

A report in the Brussels-based outlet Politico Europe said a «contingency plan» was being discussed by EU officials and diplomats to introduce checks on goods from Ireland to the rest of the single market.

«Big load,» said one EU official when asked about the report.

An EU diplomat described the idea as a «low-level kite».

“EU leaders are very simple: they will not allow the former colonialist to force Ireland out of the internal market,” the diplomat said. “Unity above all. Ireland will not be dropped. The UK will have to start implementing the deal.»

The report emerged as EU and UK officials met in London for talks amid an impasse over the Northern Ireland Protocol. Talks broke off without a clear agreement.

The European Union accuses Britain of failing to implement basic aspects of a post-Brexit agreement to check some goods transported between Britain and Northern Ireland, opening a loophole in the single market side.

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