I learned how to talk to the people who work with my father in the Cahersiveen fish shop

«America’s lack of a common understanding of the objective truth of today is a troubling sign of things to come,» said Donnie O’Sullivan, a CNN reporter who stands out from his quiet reporting on the riots by Donald Trump. of his supporters at the United States Capitol, in Washington, D.C., on January 6 this year.

That night was «surreal and amazing but not surprising,» journalist Jennifer O’Connell of the Irish Times told the Opening Ceremony of the Summer Nights Festival in the papers on Monday. He said that in the months before the attack, he heard supporters of the then-president say that «the elections were stolen from them and they would not contest it.»

I had a rather hellish year in 2013, with anxiety and depression. It was terrifying, and I always worried he would come back. But I also realize that it’s not the thing that defines me. You can go on and live a normal life

O’Sullivan, who was in Parade in Ohio At the weekend, he said Trump supporters still believed the election had been stolen from them, and that what was most worrisome was that many of them said the Capitol Hill attack «was not the work of Trump supporters but the work of some left-wing group, the FBI or life Blacks matter.»

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