‘I’m the only Irishman I’ve met who has never drunk before’

US President Joe Biden joked that he is the only Irish man Pope Francis has met «who has never drunk before» when the two men met at the Vatican on Friday.

Pope Francis responded by noting that the whiskey comes from Ireland, in a hilarious exchange between the two leaders while exchanging gifts.

The Democrat presented the Pope with a commemorative coin and said, «You are the most important warrior for peace I have ever met.»


The coin included a reference to Biden’s political district in Delaware and the military unit in which his late son Beau served before his death from a brain tumor in 2015.

«The tradition is – and I’m just kidding about this – next time I see you if you don’t have it, buy drinks,» Biden said, presenting the coin.

“I am the only Irish man I have ever met who has never drunk before,” he said sarcastically, speaking to the Pope through an interpreter while the two leaders clasped hands.

«Because the Irish brought whiskey,» Pope Francis replied in Italian, while aides in the exchange laughed.

Biden by his own account never drank alcohol, explaining during his campaign in 2008: «There are enough alcoholics in my family.»

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