Ireland weather: ‘Dangerous’ snow warning in Irene as live tracker shows hardest-hit areas

A Snow and Ice Warning is in effect for all of Ireland under hazardous conditions and hail, sleet and snow is forecast.

Met Eireann’s Status Yellow alert will be in place until 11 a.m. with West and North set to experience the worst ad weather.

The warning reads: «Rain scattered from hail, sleet, snow and ice, Thursday evening, Thursday night and Friday morning, will result in hazardous travel conditions in some areas.

«The rain will be more prevalent in the west and north of the country, where some accumulations are likely. Scattered thunderstorms will also occur.»

The national forecaster expects widespread rain, sleet and snow to continue this morning along with a chance of scattered thunderstorms and hail.

The rain tends to wane during the afternoon, but rain and temperate conditions will rush in in the south and west.

Windy live tracker shows areas in Ireland where it will snow

The highest temperatures are 3 to 5 degrees Celsius in the north and east, and milder in the south and west with highs of 6 to 9 degrees Celsius in moderate to stormy and westerly winds.

One forecaster said: «The rain will spread east across the country on Friday night and will be heavy at times, especially in the west and southwest with the risk of local flooding. Lowest temperatures are from 0 to 3 degrees Celsius during the evening in the north and east but are milder than 4 To 8 ° C in the south and west.

“Moderate conditions with rain will extend across the country overnight, with south to southwest winds increasing from new to strong and stormy.

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“It will rain quickly on Saturday morning with sunny spells and showers from the west, hail is likely with scattered thunderstorms, while some may turn into freezing rain during the evening hours.

“As the day begins, daytime moderate temperatures with highs in the early afternoon will dip 4-7°C, in gusty and gale-force westerlies.

Traffic in snowy conditions on the N7 in Dublin

«The rain will be confined to the western and northern coastal counties Saturday night with long dry spells and clear spells elsewhere. Lowest temperatures generally 1 to 4 degrees Celsius, slightly temperate near the Atlantic coast.»

The forecaster continued on Sunday: «Apart from a few winter rains in the northwest at the beginning, the beginning of the day will be mostly dry. However, the rain will grow in the southwest and spread toward the northeast to all areas during the afternoon and evening.»

“Afternoon temperatures range from 7 to 11 degrees Celsius, but become milder during the evening as winds veer southeasterly to moderate speed toward the southwest.

Mostly cloudy with rain and drizzle falling mainly along the western and northern coasts [on Sunday night]. Lowest temperatures 5 to 9 degrees Celsius early, with highs during the night as southwesterly winds increase moderate to fresh.

“Mostly light and cloudy with rain or rain in the west during [Monday] In the morning, stretch eastward through the afternoon.

«After a mild start, afternoon highs will range from 9 to 13 degrees Celsius, but will cool during the afternoon with fresh southerly winds deflecting westerly and moderate by evening. It will rain Monday evening with scattered rain followed in the northwest throughout the night.»

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As for Tuesday and Wednesday next week, they said: «A sunny wave across the east with more rain in the west, and the maximum temperatures range from 6 to 9 degrees Celsius in light of light to moderate westerly winds.»

«Sunny spells in the south and east, cloudy with intermittent rain in the north and west. Highest temperatures from 8 to 11 degrees Celsius in light of light to moderate southwest winds.»

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