Ireland’s weather: Met Eireann forecasts a change of 21°C but thunderstorms and hail hit two regions

Although there was no very bright weather during the last issue of the day, the Met Eireann gave hope that we could see some high temperatures this week.

After a miserable start to a week that saw the country engulfed in torrential rain, it looks like temperatures will soar to 21°C.

That doesn’t mean the end of the rain but with Ulster set to see some erratic drizzle throughout the week.

It will be largely cloudy across the country throughout the weekend.

But it looks like Münster and Connacht will see the worst weather this weekend with some thunder and hail expected.

One forecaster said: ‘Fairly cloudy to start the day, with intermittent rain, drizzle and drizzle, but some sunny intervals in Ulster. The rain will break up into showers and become drier as the day goes on, with sunny periods growing wider, better on Eastern half of the country.

“Maximum temperatures range from 16 to 21 degrees, the coldest are along the western and northwest coasts with light to moderate northwest breezes.

“Tomorrow, Thursday will be a fairly cloudy day with only short bright or sunny periods. Other scattered rain will occur, but it will generally be light in nature.

“Maximum temperatures range from 16 to 19 degrees in light westerly breezes or variable breezes.

«Friday will be a mixture of cloud and bright or sunny spells, with rain and drizzle. Some heavy eruption and possibly thunder, with hail likely, looks likely in parts of Münster and south Connacht. Maximum temperatures of 17-20 degrees on a particularly light breeze Main, sometimes moderate, south or southeast breezes.

«Saturday will start to be somewhat cloudy with patches of fog lifting soon. Some bright or sunny spells will disappear as the day goes on, but scattered rain will also mix. Some rain may turn heavy in the afternoon and evening. Maximum temperatures range from 18 to 18 21 degrees Celsius in light southern breezes.

“Some parts of the east and north will start to dry out on Saturday night with good clear spells. However, heavy clouds in the west and southwest will bring heavy rains that will spread across the country overnight. Light and moderate south winds at times deflect. Western, from 12 to 15 degrees.

“So the start of Sunday is dull and damp or somewhat damp with rain. Some brighter spells may develop as the day goes on, but scattered downpours will also appear. Maximum temperatures 17-20 degrees in light, occasional southern breezes. Western moderate.

«Early indications are that there will be somewhat showers for Monday but are heading toward somewhat drier conditions in the middle of the week, away from the northwest.»

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