Irish citizen stuck in Kabul says situation is ‘crazy’

A young Irish national stranded in Kabul described the situation there as “crazy”.

“You can hear hundreds of planes in the sky, explosions around Kabul, mostly at the airport,” he told the Irish Times on Monday night. “The street itself looks empty and frightened, with a sense of despondency and despair.”

The Taliban are out on the road, their guns and no one responds to them. They can shoot anyone they want without any consequences. Moreover, they are looking for people who have worked in the government or with foreigners in the past.”

He said his neighbor, who had worked with the Afghan government in the past, had been kidnapped. “No one knows where he is now.”

“It is only in my heart to see so many people suffering, women, men and children, without jobs, and the economy dwindling. It seems to be back in the Stone Age. It is just disheartening.”

“And the situation, in my opinion, is not improving.”

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