Irish pastor David Amis is remembered as a man who took his faith seriously

An Irish priest who became a close friend of murdered Conservative MP Sir David Amis described him as a man who was always on the lookout for other people.

Father Pat Brown presided over the 1983 wedding of Mr. Ames and his wife Julia at Westminster Abbey, and was also the ceremony at the baptism of their five children.

A liturgy was to be given at the wedding of Mr. Ames’ daughter, Katie, before Christmas, in the chapel in the Palace of Westminster.

Father Brown has been a priest in the Diocese of Westminster for 47 years. He got news that a deputy had been stabbed to death while he was preparing to give a solemn speech at a wedding mass.

«I saw a headline at 1.55pm and didn’t have time to read it or follow up to find out how severe his stabbing was. At that point he wasn’t dead. Only when the wedding was over I called the deputy who told me he was dead.»

Mr Ames was fatally stabbed while undergoing surgery in Leigh-on-Sea, in Essex, on Friday. The prime suspect in his murder is a British citizen of Somali descent, and Scotland Yard, in a statement last night, said its investigations «revealed a possible motive linked to Islamic extremism».

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