Kate Garaway posts an Instagram post about ’24 Bumpy Hours’

Kate Garaway has shared a message about her family’s «24 Bumpy Hours» due to the «panic» which means her husband may have had to return to the hospital.

The TV presenter (54) happily said a visit from a nurse/caregiver was «sorted» so that former British political advisor Derek Draper could stay at home.

Draper, 54, spent last December in hospital and was seriously ill after contracting the coronavirus, a journey that Garaway spoke about publicly in the documentary Finding Derek earlier this year.

Alongside a photo of her two children, Darcy and Bailey, with their father, Garraway wrote in her post: «So the past 24 hours have been bumpy – a fear that means Derek may have had to go back to the hospital (luckily sorted by a visit from a nurse/provider). care), he also had one of those days of extreme exhaustion, so he was too weak to do much other than sleep.

«I burned parsnips (a Darceys favorite) and got the ‘wrong’ Lego for Billy.

«But now snuggling around my dad’s bed and watching #nativity, everything seems so perfect suddenly I’m grateful to have the chance together.

Sending love and hope you find some joy today whatever your circumstances – #merrychristmas all!

In the run-up to Christmas, Garraway described being able to spend Christmas Eve with her husband for the first time since his severe illness as her «biggest gift.»

Speaking on Good Morning Britain on December 24, she said there was still «a long, long way to go» in his recovery, but added that she was grateful to have him home on such a festive period.

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«He obviously continues to have unusual communication problems, very limited mobility, and massive problems with fatigue,» she told viewers as she gave an update on his health.

However, as she thought of him coming home, she said, «Last Christmas Eve, we had a lot of promise and a lot of hope. But Derek was in the hospital.»

“We had no idea if he would live or die, and we pray that things will go in the right direction.

“A huge amount of gratitude to all the staff, the NHS teams who kept him alive, and grateful he is still alive because so many people have lost their lives.

«And this year, of course, he’s at home so we spend Christmas together, and that’s the biggest gift.

«It’s kind of hard to get really around. But we still have concerns. We still have a long way to go. And I’m still very grateful to everyone who kept him alive and saved his life so far.»

Finding Derek won the Author Documentary Award at Britain’s National Television Awards in September.

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