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Sir Kerr Starmer’s in-depth interview with former Good Morning Britain co-host, Pierce Morgan, will be shown at 9:30 pm tonight on ITV. Kevin Maguire defended the Labor leader, who had supported the former prosecutor, calling him a «good man» while Boris Johnson described him as a «clown».

ITV’s Adil Ray said, “We talked about the need for politicians to have a little more personality, they need to open up a little.

“When you look at someone like Boris, there is a character out there and you can form an opinion about it.

«Often called Sir Kerr Starmer, she called him bored on this show.»

Pearce replied, «It’s boring.»

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I’ve always thought the idea it’s boring is totally wrong, ”said Mr. Maguire.

He added, «He is a good man, but this is not noticed because he is facing the clown-like Johnson.»

Last month, Susanna Reid brutally mocked Sir Kerr’s unpopularity when she highlighted the Labor leader’s experience of being kicked out of a bar.

Susanna Reid discussed the popularity of Sir Kerr and Boris across the UK following the local election results.

In April 2021, Sir Kerr was severely criticized by a bar owner angry over the «failure» of generations of Labor voters in the wake of a heated confrontation between the couple.

In the widely shared footage, owner Rod Humphries is seen asking Labor leader to leave his Raven bar in Bath.

Mr. Humphries told talkRADIO that Sir Kerr Starmer is not welcome in his bar due to his «failure» as leader of the opposition.

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He added that he would have fired the prime minister from the bar had he visited.

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