Mary Lou MacDonald says Sinn Féin needed a makeover in Derry

Sinn Fein party leader Mary Lou MacDonald defended changes to party staff in Derry during a visit to the city on Thursday, saying the party “needs a radical change” in Foyle’s constituency.

On Tuesday, two Die Sinn Fein Society members — veteran Republican and former IRA prisoner Martina Anderson and fellow MLA Karen Mullen — who have already announced they will not run for the next storm election in May, said they would step down in the coming weeks.

Ms. MacDonald was in Derry for a number of meetings before nominations opened on Thursday evening to select candidates to represent Foyle in Northern Ireland Association.

She admitted that the process was “difficult” but added that she “has no doubt whatsoever that we will make very significant progress next time”.

While the party has “work to be done” in Foyle’s constituency, she said she believes it will retain two Assembly seats in next year’s election.

Ms. Anderson and Mullen will step down before the new session of the Assembly begins on September 13.

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