Mass breeze thrown at police car in ‘reckless’ Belfast attack

BREEZE BLOCK was thrown at a police car from a high-rise apartment in Belfast in what PSNI called a «deliberate and reckless attack» on officers.

The concrete block collided with the police vehicle at approximately 8:50 pm in the New Lodge area north of Belfast last night.

She was thrown from a high-rise apartment in Churchill’s home in the predominantly Catholic area. A PSNI spokesperson said this was the second such attack in days in the region.

On Saturday, August 21, a «rocket was thrown from an apartment block» at Victoria Parade.

«Fortunately none of the officers inside the vehicle were hurt, but this reprehensible attack caused extensive damage to the vehicle,» said PSNI chief inspector Fox.

Were it not for the fact that this was an armored vehicle, there is absolutely no doubt that one of my officers would have been seriously injured or worse.

Chief Inspector Fox added that the attacks on police were «attacks on society as a whole».

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“It is commendable that all the officers involved, while shaken up, have continued to work their shifts, responding to calls and protecting those most vulnerable who need our help and assistance,” Fox said.

Anyone with information about the incident is requested to report this to PSNI.

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