Met Eireann issues immediate thunderstorm warning for 12 counties as ‘hazardous’ conditions hit

The Met Eireann has issued a new yellow rain and thunderstorm warning for 12 counties as miserable conditions are set to hit.

Alert at Cavan Place, Donegal, Monaghan, Dublin, Longford, Louth, Meath, Westmeath, Leitrim, Mayo, Roscommon and Sligo immediately until midnight Sunday.

The warning states: «Heavy thunderstorms or prolonged spells of rain will result in more localized flooding and dangerous driving conditions.»

The weekend is expected to be rainy and dreary in most areas with the worst showers in the north, although there will be brighter periods in the center of the country.

A Met Eireann meteorologist said: «More heavy rain today, with sometimes longer periods of rain. There is a constant risk of thunderstorms and flooding, likely in the north.»

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«I prefer the driest intervals, especially in the south and southeast. The highest temperatures are from 15 to 19 degrees. Stormy, with active westerly to northwesterly winds that increase in intensity on the west and south coasts.

«Heavy rain continues tonight, merging with longer periods of rain at times across the northern half of the country. Drier south. Lowest temperatures 12 to 14 degrees in moderate to strong westerly winds, strong on the western coasts.»

«Continuous rain on Sunday, with more and more frequent rain in the northern half of the country early tomorrow. Further heavy rain will move to Münster during the afternoon. Drier in the center of the country with good sunny periods and scattered showers. – Top Temperatures are from 16 to 20 degrees, the most moderate in the east, and the winds are westerly moderate to strong near the coasts.

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It seems that Tuesday and Wednesday will have the best weather next week, with temperatures reaching 21 degrees Celsius and some periods of sunny weather.

However conditions will remain mixed and «unstable» as the week goes on, with some rain returning as we head into the weekend.

And one of the forecasters added: «A sunny day and scattered heavy rain on Monday. Rains abound during the afternoon. The maximum temperatures range from 17 to 20 degrees, amid a light to moderate breeze from west to northwest.»

«A mostly dry and cloudy day on Tuesday, with a few periods of sunshine, brighter in the east. Light showers will break out, but most areas will remain dry. Maximum temperatures are from 18 to 21 degrees, with light to moderate winds heading south.

“Late in the evening a batch of rain will arrive on the West Coast, and it will travel across the country overnight.

«It will rain overnight the East Coast through Wednesday morning. Followed by sunny waves. There will be a few scattered showers, but a basically dry day. High temperatures range from 17 to 21 degrees, in a moderate southwesterly breeze.»

«Continued instability during the rest of the week. Rain or longer periods of rain on Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Maximum temperatures range between 17 and 20 degrees.»

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