More than 50 firefighters attended a major blaze on Belfast’s docks

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There are currently over 50 firefighters battling a major fire that broke out in Belfast Harbor earlier this afternoon.

The same fire broke out at the Belfast Harbor Estate in Belfast around Westbank Road and the Darjan Road area of ​​the scrap metal recycling centre.

According to Aidan Jennings of the Northern Ireland Fire and Rescue Service (NIFRS), the fire is well developed and there are more than 50 firefighters and six additional services and specialists deployed.

Large sized pumps have also been deployed to help control the fire, along with two firefighting locomotives.

Firefighters at the scene prevented the fire from spreading to buildings and equipment at the nearby site and an adjacent site.

«This will be a protracted incident and firefighting operations are expected to continue over the next few days,» Jennings said.

East Belfast Police have advised motorists to avoid the area and those who live near it to keep their windows closed.

Photos and videos from people in the area show a large billow of smoke rising from the site.

According to the local Q Radio news agency, four fire engines were at the site around 1 p.m. today.

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According to Traffic Watch Northern Ireland, the motorway was not affected by the fire.

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