Plans for an additional bank holiday for 2021 in an ‘advanced stage’

The government is considering introducing a bank holiday between now and the end of the year as part of the pandemic reward.

Plans are at an advanced stage to have a day to recognize the contribution of frontline workers and remember those who have died from Covid.

No date has been set yet, but it could be in November or between Christmas and the end of the year.

The bank holiday will be a way to acknowledge everyone’s contribution during the pandemic.

This includes all categories of frontline workers, with ministers stressing in recent days that any bonus must be non-divisive.

Other measures for frontline workers, including additional leave or payments, are still being considered.

It is understood that any measures will come from this year’s spending rather than the 2022 budget.

today is The organization representing Garda called on censors and inspectors for some form of epidemiological reward, But the Secretary General of the American Institute of South American Sciences, Antoinette Cunningham, said it was not mandatory.

Healthcare unions have filed a claim for special recognition.

NBRU also filed a claim for bus and railway workers.

The CEO of small business group ISME said last week that the extra bank holiday should be granted for “smart and justified reasons”..

Neil McDonnell said that shouldn’t happen because we just went through a pandemic.

Ireland currently has nine public holidays per year, one of the lowest numbers in Europe.

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