Santa Tracker 2021: How to keep up with the big man’s progress on Christmas Eve as he heads towards Ireland

The Christmas countdown clock is ticking and Santa’s preparations are in full swing.

His dwarves helped him load the last presents into a sleigh at the North Pole, and he’s almost ready to go.

The red man and his 12-year-old reindeer are out soon – and he’s up so early, they have plenty of ground to cover.

You and your family can follow their progress around the world early on Christmas Day if you get up before dawn and look up at the sky.

Thanks to Google, you can track Santa making his way around the world and also the time he will land at his location.

the Google Santa Tracker It was launched in 2004, so it’s nothing new.

But as the years went by, it became more detailed and now allows anyone to see how far Santa is from his location, how many gifts he gave that night along with the weather Santa will encounter.

All you have to do is download the Santa Tracker app from the Google Play Store.

From Christmas Eve, you will be able to trace Santa’s path around the world.

There are also a bunch of games on the app to keep the kids entertained until his tracking details come online.

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