Second tennis player arrested in Australian quarantine hotel

The second tennis player’s visa was revoked and the Australian Border Force asked to leave the country as Novak Djokovic issued a public statement for the first time since his arrest, thanking fans for their support.

Czech doubles specialist Renata Vorakova, who is due to play at the Australian Open this month, entered Melbourne with the same medical exemption that Djokovic was denied access to, after she indicated she had recently recovered from Covid-19. After successfully entering the Melbourne border with her medical exemption, Voracova actually played in the Melbourne Summer Set event, losing in the first round alongside her partner Katerizna Peter.

«We can confirm that the Czech tennis player Renata Vorakova is being held in the same detention as Djokovic with several other players,» the Czech Foreign Ministry said in a statement. There was no confirmation that any other player had been detained.

With supporters and detractors staying outside the Park Hotel where Voracova joined him, Djokovic issued a public statement for the first time since arriving in Melbourne on Friday night. “Thank you to people around the world for your continued support. I feel it and it is very much appreciated,” he said in a post on his Instagram Stories posted in Serbian and English.

Vurakova’s arrest comes amid fallout from Djokovic’s visa revocation and his transfer to an immigration hotel on Thursday pending an appeal hearing after the weekend. As the reason for his entry ban became the backdrop to an opportunistic political uproar, Border Force began tracking down two other Australian Open participants who had used the same medical exemption to enter Melbourne.

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Has bad reputation

Voracova has also been moved to the Park Hotel in downtown Melbourne, the same infamous immigration detention facility where Djokovic is currently being held with some refugees who have been quarantined in their rooms for years. An official has also left the country, the only other person entering with the same medical exemption.

While Djokovic chose to appeal his detention, Vorakova decided not to appeal the revocation of her visa and would leave Australia. Voracova (38) is a former top 100 singles player and now 81st in doubles, has earned just $18 million (€15.8 million) in her 22-year career and has far fewer resources than Djokovic.

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