Sefkovic’s article questioning the British position on the NI protocol leads to a new controversy

Northern Ireland Minister Brandon Lewis has accused European Commission Vice President Maros Sefcovic of «deliberately misrepresenting» Britain’s demands for the Northern Ireland Protocol.

Lewis was responding to an article in the Daily Telegraph in which Sefkovic said he was increasingly concerned that Britain was on the verge of confrontation with the European Union.

“None of the business representatives I met in Northern Ireland…have asked me to cancel the protocol. Instead, they have asked me to fix the practical challenges they face in implementing it,” Mr. Sefcovic wrote.

«I am increasingly concerned that the UK government will refuse to get involved in this and embark on a confrontational path.»

Lewis said Britain was not trying to get rid of the protocol but was seeking changes to make it more acceptable to the people of Northern Ireland.

The UK government is not arguing for the abolition of the protocol and has never done so. This is a deliberate misrepresentation of the position outlined in our July leadership paper. The United Kingdom bears ultimate responsibility for the peace and prosperity of Northern Ireland. What we seek is to make changes for the sole purpose of finding more permanent arrangements that work best for the people of Northern Ireland.”

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