Shocking facts discovered from the ongoing assault case on Prince Andrew: report

Shocking facts discovered from the ongoing assault case on Prince Andrew: report

Experts are finally talking about some of the «untolded» discoveries surrounding the assault case of Prince Andrew against Virginia Joffrey.

Royal writer Rebecca English made this claim during one of her articles for daily Mail.

In it, she shared previously unreported information from Prince Andrew’s assault case and explained how the mere thought that he could return to royal life after the scandal «must be squashed».

Ms. English began admitting to writing, «and they say the idea that he can still return to public life, despite the controversy surrounding his friendship with pedophile Jeffrey Epstein, must be squashed.»

She also admitted that «the comments came as Andrew suffered two setbacks in the US [expletive] Admitting he had no evidence for his infamous claim that he couldn’t sweat and also seeing the judge refuse to attempt to stop the case.»

The author also went on to reveal, «Lawyers for defendant Virginia Roberts, who is suing Prince for damages in a New York civil case, demanded that he turn over proof that he was not sweating, he said in an interview with Newsnight in a car accident two years ago when she denied her allegations.»

But his legal team said «there are no documents in his possession, possession or control» to support the case. The judge rejected Andrew’s requests to adjourn the case after claiming that Ms. Roberts could not file a case in the United States on the grounds that she was living in Australia.»

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