Symptoms of Covid-19 Omicron: A sign in your sleep that could tell you you have the virus

Coronavirus symptoms should be carefully monitored to protect yourself and others from the virus.

Now is one of the most important times to be able to jot down all the potential symptoms that are out there.

The number of cases in Ireland is very high at the moment, with cases of the new Omicron variant accounting for a large part of it.

The Omicron variant now accounts for more than half of our cases and has key signs and properties that differ slightly from previous variants, such as the delta variant.

One symptom is particularly strange, so what is it?

What are the strange symptoms of Omicron Covid?

It’s common to have trouble sleeping, but sleep paralysis can be an annoying side effect of having an Omicron variant.

Sleep paralysis occurs when you cannot move or speak while awake or asleep. It can be scary, but it is harmless and most people will only have it once or twice in their lifetime.

Harmless symptoms can be frightening because people are unable to move, speak, or open their eyes. They may also feel that someone is in the room, feelings of fear, or a sense as if someone is pushing you down. This can last for several minutes at a time.

It’s not clear why sleep paralysis occurs, or why it might be more likely during the time a person has Covid, but it has been linked to stress and anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder, narcolepsy or insomnia.

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It may only occur as a result of disturbed sleep patterns – Covid is a time of heightened stress – and there is a suggestion that it could run in families.

Dr. Kat Liddell, an expert in sleep therapy, told MailOnline: «I think it’s likely that if there is an increase in sleep paralysis, this is due to stress from significant changes in the way we live and live our lives at the moment, uncertainty and anxiety. that we encounter and that affect our sleep regime.”

Other common symptoms of the new Omicron variant

Several people infected with the new Omicron variant of the virus experienced other strange symptoms during the night.

Sufferers found that night sweats were a real problem and that they wake up covered in sweat, as if they had just had a particularly bad dream.

Speaking to ITV’s Lauren, Dr. Amir Khan said: «The symptoms emerging from South Africa by doctors caring for Omicron patients show these five new symptoms.

“Itchy throat, mild muscle aches, extreme tiredness, dry cough, and night sweats. These are types of sunken night sweats where you may have to get up and change into your clothes.”

«And that’s important. It’s important that we stay on top of these symptoms, because if we’re going to track Omicron here and around the world, we need to be able to test people with these symptoms.»

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