Taoiseach to attend a climate change event in Belfast

Taoiseach is in Northern Ireland today for a series of posts, including talks on tackling climate change.

Michael Martin will attend an event in Belfast where business leaders will discuss how they can reduce carbon emissions and tackle a global challenge.

Also in attendance will be Stormont’s first and first deputy ministers, Paul Gevan of the DUP and Michelle O’Neill of Sinn Fein.

The event is hosted by Chambers Ireland and the Northern Ireland Chamber of Commerce and Industry, and comes just weeks before the COP26 climate conference in Glasgow.

On Monday, the government announced its revised National Development Plan, which included a €3.5 billion fund for cross-border projects, including climate change mitigation.

She said €1 billion of it would be made available over the next 10 years through the Taoiseach’s Shared Island Fund and could help pay for environmental projects such as transboundary green roads and peatland restoration.

Some of the money is also expected to be spent on an improved cross-border investment network of electric vehicle charging points.

Mr Martin has other engagements throughout the day, including talks with political leaders in Northern Ireland.

He will also meet women involved in technology training and cancer researchers, another area being developed through the Common Island Trust.

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