Taoiseach urged the UK to consider the impact of activating Article 16

Taoiseach Michael Martin warned that the British government should seriously consider the impact of the release of Article 16 on the UK’s relationship with the European Union and the Irish government, as well as the damage it might cause to the peace process.

Mr Martin said he had not assumed it was inevitable that the UK government would trigger Article 16 of the Northern Ireland Protocol despite reports that senior EU and government officials had been in talks to plan a response should the UK take such action.

Mr. Martin said at a flag raising event in Cork for Monster Technology University.

Mr Martin said the relationship between the EU and the UK had always been more than just the Northern Ireland Protocol and that anyone considering invoking Article 16 should be aware of the broader implications that could have for Anglo-Irish relations and the peace process in the North.

“This is so much more than just protocol – it is clear that the EU-UK relations are very important over time and it has to be a relationship based on sustainable trust and it has to be constructive and it has to lead to the mutual benefit of both UK citizens and EU citizens.


“The relationship between Ireland and Great Britain is also fundamental – the relationship between the two governments for 30 years has been central to the peace process, fundamental to the structure of the Good Friday Agreement, and there is an obligation on all parties to take these two basic sets of relationships into consideration before taking any action. .

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