The EuroMillions winner gave relatives over 1 million euros each and her neighbors 6,000 euros before her death

EuroMillions winner Marguerite Loughrey gave relatives more than 1 million euros each, and had just finished her dream home when she was found dead on Thursday.

“Maggie Millions” He won the jackpot of €31 million eight years ago and he previously said Money “ruined it”.

The 56-year-old bought the ticket on her way home in Strabane, Co Tyrone, from the Job Center where she lived on benefits of just €68 a week.

She later gave her family members 1 million euros each and generously gave neighbors on her board property 5,800 euros.

Paul Gallagher, a neighbor and local council member, told Belfast Telegraph She had just renovated an abandoned house called The Barn into her dream home, complete with a tin roof.

Maggie Millions won the £27 million jackpot eight years ago

“She was living in a bungalow next to it and I think the barn had just finished. It’s a pity that she didn’t enjoy her new home,” he added.

Margaret She had previously sprawled into a property empire after her victory which included a €145.843 bungalow, a pub and a former mill-turned-entertainment centre.

In 2019, she claimed she only had 5.8 million euros left, and said the jackpot “ruined” her life.

Speaking about the moment she realized she had won the jackpot, Ms. Lugri said: “I got up at 7am on Wednesday and put the TV on. I just had the idea so I checked my numbers and found it.

Pluto winner Margaret Legerie had previously said that winning the lottery ‘ruined her life’

“I was in shock and should have checked 10 times.

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“I went out to the back garden and sat there for a while before going back and checking again.

“I have to walk around the house for five hours before I call my brother and ask him to call.”

Police said they are not treating her death as “suspicious”, but that an autopsy will be conducted to determine the cause.

It is understood that she has never been married before and is survived by her four brothers and one sister.

Emergency services were called to a home in the area at 10:30 a.m. yesterday, Belfast Live mentioned.

A Northern Ireland Police spokesperson added: “Police received a report of the sudden death of a woman in Ballykulman Lane in Strapani on Thursday 2 September.

“An autopsy is scheduled but at this point the death is not being treated as suspicious.”

She claimed that she only had 5.8 million euros left in 2019 and that she was the victim of several thefts.

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The woman told Sunday Life, “I won’t have peace as long as I live. Even if I don’t have a penny left, I won’t.”

“I regret winning the lottery. Of course I do. I was a happy person before.

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“I am human and all I did was destroy my life.”

District SDLP Board Member Jason Barr said: “My thoughts and prayers are with the Lovely family and they are with Margaret’s friends as well. It is a very sad day.

“Margaret could have been well thought of…she’s had her ups and downs in life like all of us, but I hope she’s at peace now.”

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