The famous Dublin neighborhood has been named among the “world’s coolest neighborhoods” in the new list

It captures the “essence and charm of the Irish capital to a tee”, apparently…

It’s a lovely day out in the neighborhood, if you happen to be staying in Dublin 8, at least.

. Annual Time Out List The coolest neighborhoods in the world It was unleashed and Dublin 8 prided itself on the Irish spot, landing a highly respected No. 15.

Nørrebro in Copenhagen took first place on the list of 49 people, but let’s focus on our team for a moment.

“Dublin 8 captures the essence and charm of the Irish capital to a tee,” says Time Out.

“Because a large part of the city is being built with hotels and skyscrapers, this corner has retained a lot of the original architecture. But there were a lot of pluses. the changes Last year too.

Lucky’s Pub has been transformed into a cultural hotspot with excellent rotating exhibits, while Pearse Lyons Distillery is once again taking tours around the church’s distillery.

‘The neighborhood is full of vintage shops and bric-à-brac stores, street art, markets, and homey cafés, and you’ll also find some of the city’s best food talent. Not to mention the Dublin Food Co-op, where they can buy organic produce and educate themselves in sustainability workshops. and other community activities,

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More than 27,000 city dwellers on the list were surveyed, and they shouted out the coolest and most culturally interesting neighborhoods in their own metropolis.

Dublin 8 is the only Irish representation on the Time Out list which is positive proof that the capital city can be a nice place to live If we could possibly stop tearing down all the unique items that make it so.

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Are you asking where you made the top ten overall?

10. Richmond, Melbourne

9. Sai Kung, Hong Kong

8. Njour, Dakar

7. Eleventh District, Budapest

6. Chelsea, New York

5. Station area, Vilnius

4. Lee, Edinburgh

3. Jongno 3-ga, Seoul

2. Andersonville, Chicago

1. Nørrebro, Copenhagen

You can check out the entire in-depth list Here.

All in all, a decent week for Ireland on the coveted world stage, with CN Traveler’s list of Top 10 hotels in the country It also makes us look really cool and pretty.

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