The Fermanagh factory fire has been brought under control

The Northern Ireland Fire Brigade said a large fire at a factory near Enniskillen in Coe Fermanagh has been brought under control.

Sixty members of the Northern Ireland Fire and Rescue Service are involved in tackling the major fire at a factory on Tattygare Road in Lisblau.

It is believed that the fire broke out shortly before 2 pm.

Crews were sent from all over Fermanagh, Tyrone, and Armagh to deal with the great fire.

A large amount of smoke was seen at the scene of the fire as the firefighting operation continued.

«We encountered a major fire in a commercial building, with thick smoke rising from the building,» said Brian Coombs, group leader for Northern Ireland Fire and Rescue.

Eight fire engines were present, along with two aerial devices and a large water pump.

«The fire is now under control. However, we expect significant resources to remain at the scene due to the size of the building,» said Mr. Combs.

Locals were asked to avoid the scene of the accident and to close doors and windows.

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