The suspect in the Plymouth shooting described being «beaten by life» in a video before the massacre

The suspected Plymouth gunman spoke of being «beaten» and «beaten by life» in videos posted online a few weeks before the massacre.

Jake Davison, who posted on his YouTube channel under the name Professor Waffle, said he no longer had «any will to do anything anymore» in a recording dated July 28.

He has also «loved» a series of videos about guns, and posts on Facebook quoting former US President Donald Trump, as well as photos of a statue holding a firearm with the American flag in the background.

Jake Davison has spoken in online videos of being beaten and «defeated by life» (Jake Davison/PA)

In the 11-minute video, which appears to have been last posted before Thursday’s incident, he noted his difficulties meeting women and struggling to lose weight, as well as saying that after scaffolding work when he was younger, he «never had …same thing again” after injuring his ankle.

“I have no willpower to do anything anymore,” he said, adding later that he was “beaten and defeated by the damned life.”

Davison said he’s «still in the same house, same situation, same situation» and spoke of wanting to get back the «drive and motivation» they had before.

Although he said that he did not “describe” himself as “incel” — the internet-used abbreviation for “involuntarily celibate,” for those who cannot find a romantic or sexual partner despite their desire to do so — he did speak of “people Like me they have nothing but themselves.»

Before signing, he said, «I know it’s a movie but I like to think sometimes I’m a Terminator or something. Even though he’s reached a near-complete system failure, he’s still trying to get his job done.»

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