Twitter suspends account that mocked the death of DUP MLA’s disabled son

DUP MLA has welcomed the suspension of a Twitter account that ridiculed the death of her disabled son.

However, Diane Dodds said Twitter now needs to take «quick and decisive action» to protect users from online abuse.

Dodds was targeted on December 31 after posting a New Year’s message to its followers.

An anonymous user responded with an abusive response by referring to her deceased son Andrew.

Andrew was born with spina bifida and died in 1998 before his ninth birthday.

The account that posted the tweet has since been suspended, according to a letter received by those who lodged complaints about the account.

Dodds accused Twitter of «nearly a week of inaction».

«Twitter has finally lived up to its responsibility and suspended the account that devoted itself to malicious and corrupt online attacks,» she said.

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“I am truly humbled and moved by the wave of support and encouragement from across Northern Ireland and have no doubt that global disgust at these outrageous acts has forced Twitter to act.

This episode should be a catalyst for change in protecting internet users from those fueled by hate. Twitter must take swift and decisive action to cooperate with the police to bring these individuals to justice and implement protection policies.

«For my part, I will continue to advocate for victims of online attacks and support the introduction of legislative measures to properly protect users from these cowardly attacks.»

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Police investigations into the incident are still ongoing.

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