Weather in Ireland: Chance of thunderstorms coming Sunday, bringing wind and rain to many counties

Sunday will be a cool day with sunny spells mixed with frequent showers and the possibility of scattered thunderstorms, the Met Éireann forecast.

Stormy westerly winds will see heavy rain sweeping across the country from morning, making for a cold and windy day with heavy rain in some places. The highest temperatures range from 12-15 degrees.

Sunday night will be cool at times under clear skies with scattered downpours with temperatures dropping as low as four degrees in places.

There will be some bright sunshine starting Monday with well-scattered showers as well, mainly across the Atlantic counties.

“However, it will soon become cloudy with the outbreak of rain heading to the west and southwest, and extending across the country at a later time. The rains will turn to heavy and possibly thundery, especially across the southern and eastern provinces with the possibility of localized floods. Highest temperatures from 11 to 14°C is mostly a southerly breeze,” said a meteorologist in the Mitt Irian region.

Unsettled weather will continue throughout the next week as Monday brings a mix of sunshine and showers.

“During the afternoon and evening, it will rain in South Munster and South Leinster and become heavy at times. – Highest temperatures from 11 to 14 degrees with moderate to very gentle southerly south winds. On Monday evening, it will rain,” said Mette Erin. Others are in the east and southeast, and may be heavy for some time and fall during the night.”

Tuesday will be a brighter day with long sunny periods in many parts of the country with some scattered rain. Maximum temperatures will range between 11 and 15 degrees, but Tuesday night will be mainly cold and dry, with temperatures dropping to three degrees in some places.

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Current indications are that Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays will be fairly moderate and dry with sunny periods. Clouds will increase in the west later with some coastal rains along the west coast.

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