What the newspapers say: Wednesday front pages

Hopes that the current wave of Covid-19 infections will subside faster than previous variants of the virus were among the top news items on Wednesday.

Irish Times She tops the list with comments from Tanist Leo Farakdar, who said Omicron’s infection is likely to peak «in the next week or so».

The Fine Gael leader also told Omicron that it will be overcome «hopefully faster than previous waves».

the Irish ExaminerMeanwhile, he takes a look at a report from Daft.ie that shows house prices will rise by nearly 8 percent through 2021. The paper also notes that COVID-19 positivity rates have increased to their highest levels since the pandemic began, reaching 30.5 percent.

echoThe front page covers the impact of the current wave of infections on businesses, noting that businesses across Cork are struggling with high absentee rates as employees are forced to isolate.

the Irish Independent Taking a look at the impact of Covid on employment, reporting Dublin and passenger counties are recovering «more slowly from the economic devastation caused by the pandemic».

the The Irish Daily Star He goes with «Foreign Affairs Covid Bubbles», stating that «high-ranking officials threw a closed champagne party after the United Nations Council victory», while Irish Daily Mirror Covers the same story under the title «Bubbles and Strife».

the Irish Daily Mail A main story warns that the Omicron wave has not yet reached its peak, leading people to cancel their plans for the New Year. The newspaper’s front page also features a picture of actresses Emma Watson and Bonnie Wright prior to their appearance on Harry Potter 20th Anniversary SpecialBack to Hogwarts.

Finally, the Belfast TelegraphA blazing scene prevails on a .’s front page A fire broke out in a scrap metal recycling company In town on Tuesday evening.

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In Britain, COVID-19 is driving the national papers for 2022 and concerns about an imminent increase in the cost of living.

the daily mirror He has a «New Year New Hope» after claims that Omicron isn’t as lethal as previous variants, while daily expression «The worst of Covid is finally over,» he says.

times And daily Mail British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has been urged to follow in the footsteps of US health officials and cut short a period of Covid self-isolation in a bid to stave off a potential crisis for NHS staff.

Meanwhile, the country’s testing and tracing system has been sending people messages to isolate for 10 days even though official guidance has been cut to seven, according to the Daily Telegraph.

in another place, Watchman And independent UK households will face a «cost of living disaster» in 2022 as wages are cut off and tax and energy bills rise.

the financial times Leading the way with global companies raising a record $12.1 trillion in 2021.

and the Daily Star He says China complained to the United Nations after its space station collided with one of Elon Musk’s satellites.

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