11,182 confirmed cases of novel coronavirus

Public health officials have been notified of 11,182 more cases of Covid-19 in Ireland, with an estimate that Omicron now accounts for 83% of confirmed cases. As of 8 a.m., 393 people in the hospital had the virus, 89 of them in intensive care.

This is now the highest daily total in Ireland – and the previous highest daily case figure was on January 8 when 8,227 cases of coronavirus were confirmed.

yesterday, 7,411 New cases were confirmed, and a total of 390 Covid-19 patients were in hospital and 98 people were in the intensive care unit. Paul Reed said yesterday that more than 50% of people currently in the ICU do not have a Covid vaccine; Only 6% of Ireland’s adult population is not immunized.

The Ministry of Health said that Omicron is now estimated to compensate for approximately 83% Of the reported cases, based on an analysis using the so-called ‘S gene target failure’.

Northern Ireland also has one of the highest daily numbers of Covid-19 cases – with 3286 Two positive cases and three Covid-related deaths have been confirmed in the past 24 hours. Yesterday there were 3,227 cases, and on Wednesday there were 3,231 confirmed cases.

NPHET forecast

In the latest NPHET modeling forecast For disease for this covid wave, the best case scenario predicts 8000 cases per day, and 20,000 cases per day are expected in the worst case scenario.

The most optimistic scenarios show 8000-10,000 cases per day, 500-750 people needing general hospital care, 150-250 people needing critical care, or 650-1,000 hospitalized people at their peak.

«Most pessimistic scenarios show upwards of 20,000 cases per day, over 1,500 people requiring general hospital care, over 400 people requiring critical care, or more than 2,000 hospitalized overall at peak.»

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There is a delay of several days between Covid-19 infection and the number of infections that translate into hospitalization, although the link between the two has fallen due to the high uptake of Covid-19 vaccines.

Demand for PCR Test

Immunization Program Health, Safety and Environment Officer Damian McCallion said this morning that PCR testing services have been under pressure in the past 48 hours, but that these slots will become available over the coming days.

He said testing services will continue through Christmas Day and St Stephen’s Day, although it is a «slightly reduced service.»

Department of Health He said that due to “large amounts of case numbers” expected over the Christmas period, the daily confirmed Covid-19 case numbers will be based on positive results uploaded to the HSE Covid Care Tracker from the previous day, which are provisional data.

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