A grieving Indian family who lost their aunt (60) to Covid was shocked when she emerged alive and well two weeks after the funeral

A grieving Indian family who lost 60-year-old Muktiala Jirijama to Covid-19 was shocked when she emerged alive and well, two weeks after her funeral.

Irigama’s family was informed on 15 May that she had died of COVID-19, but due to social distancing restrictions they were only allowed to see the body, which was wrapped in plastic, from a distance.

Her nephew told Daily Star reporters that when they tried to visit her at the Vijayawada Government General Hospital in India, they were told she had died.

“The doctor on duty that day failed to inform my uncle that she had been transferred to another ward and told him she had succumbed to Covid.

«Believe it, we went to the mortuary to find her body where another woman’s body had been delivered. Since we could not verify the body before taking it because it was packed, we took the body home and performed the last rites,» he said.

The family cremated the body that had been delivered to them two weeks ago, and was due to perform Shraddha’s final farewell ceremony this week, when Muktiala Jirijama arrived home alive and well.

She walked most of the way home, and her first words to her shocked relatives were a complaint that no one had come to take her.

While her family was happy to have her back, they are still grieving the loss of their 36-year-old son, Ramesh, who was hospitalized with Covid-19 on the same day, and died on May 23.

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