A new British study suggests that Omicron is less likely to induce hospitalization

New UK research on Omicron indicates that those with variant are less likely to be hospitalized than Delta ones, and they are less likely to be admitted for long.

Scientists at Imperial College London (ICL), who published the data on Wednesday, cautioned that their estimated results must be taken in the context of concerns about rising infection rates from the new variant.

However, the study will be welcomed by public health clinicians trying to understand just how harmful Omicron is to patients.

It is estimated that those infected are 15 percent less likely to go to hospital and 40 percent less likely to be hospitalized for one night or more, compared to Deltas.

The authors on ICL’s Covid-19 Response Team believe their work will help improve mathematical models of potential healthcare demand associated with the emerging European wave. The British government has been waiting for data to help guide its response.

«The researchers stress that these estimated reductions in risk must be balanced against the greater risk of omicron infection, due to the reduced protection provided by both vaccination and natural infection,» ICL said in a statement on Wednesday.

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