Almost a third of Irish adults plan to travel this summer

Three out of ten Irish people plan to travel in the next three months, according to a new survey.

Recent results from a survey by, a comparison site, show that 29% of Irish adults, or an estimated 1.1 million people, plan to travel during the next three summer months.

This has nearly doubled since another Finder poll from February, when 15% of Irish adults planned to travel within the next three months.

Irish adults are interested in traveling during June, with 14% saying they will either travel abroad or domestically. In July, 9% planned to travel, and 12% are expected to travel in August.

In June, most Irish adults plan to travel 12% internally.

The 55-64 age group is the age group with the highest proportion of expected domestic travel, at 15.38%.

Within each age group, indoor travel was the most popular option.

Angela Noonan, a vacation home owner in Waterville, Kerry, said her business this summer is as good this summer as previous years.

«But it is clear that the main difference is that there are no residents from outside,» she said. «All Irish families come for accommodation.»

Amanda Glenn plans to spend some time in August by renting a boat and vacationing on the Shannon River. After previous vacations were canceled over the past year, she and her family wanted to take up residence that was not in danger of the restrictions.

«We wanted to do something where we didn’t need to rely on restaurants,» she said. «Hopefully they’ll all open in August, but we can eat on the boat after buying food from the stores and not interact with a lot of people either.»

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Ireland now ranks among the top ten countries for those planning to travel during the summer months, where it comes eighthThe tenth Place. This is over 17The tenth Place after the February poll.

The survey found that early trip planning is a thing of the past as in most of the 19 countries surveyed, «travel was at its highest in the month immediately following the survey.»

“The pending announcement this week from the government about what the restrictions will look like in the coming months will help many people in Ireland better understand what they can do this summer in domestic and international travel,” Kabir said. Finder writer, James Martin.

One in ten Irish adults plan to travel internationally. However, most (6%) are planning to travel abroad in August.

Currently, there is a government warning against non-essential international travel.

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It is uncertain when the government and NPHET will give the green light to travel abroad.

Ireland Travel Agents Association CEO Pat Dawson said that in terms of international travel, there is no single clear direction from the government.

“The safety of our customers is very, very important,” he said. «However, as of now, travel agents will not make reservations for August, due to the uncertainty.»

He said travel agents will not take money from vacationers unless they are sure the holiday will go ahead or there will be a 100% refund.

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Earlier this month, Taoiseach said Ireland will participate in the European Union’s digital green certification. This will show digital evidence that the person has either been vaccinated against Covid-19, has recovered from Covid-19 or has proven negative for the virus.

Green Cert will allow free travel between all European Union member states.

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