Are Irish tourists’ holidays to Europe in danger this winter? Covid is the latest in Spain, Germany, Italy and more

Much of Europe is now experiencing a recovery in Covid in line with what Ireland has seen in the past few weeks.

Over the past month, Europe has seen a 50% increase in case numbers despite the implementation of vaccination programs across the continent.

Speaking at a conference, WHO’s Director of Emergencies, Dr Mike Ryan, said some countries in Europe had suboptimal vaccination coverage.

«It’s a warning shot for the world to see what happens in Europe despite the availability of vaccination,» he said.

The World Health Organization has warned that the current transmission of Covid-19 in Europe is of ‘grave concern’ as new cases approach record levels.

And with some winter vacations still planned – here’s the situation at some of the most popular destinations for Irish tourists;


Spain is now one of the safest parts of Europe when it comes to Covid-19 with no sign of winter returning yet.

The majority of things are now open in Spain and life is close to normal – so provided you have been vaccinated, your flight here will not be affected.


Today’s daily Covid infections hit an all-time high in Germany for the week.

The most populous country in the European Union saw nearly 34,000 new cases in just 24 hours with great fears that a fourth wave could bring the country to a standstill.

For now, new restrictions are not recommended, although there are increasing calls for stricter uses of vaccine permits.

«Now we need clear rules to break the chain of infection,» Klaus Reinhardt, president of the German Medical Association, told the Passauer Neue Press on Saturday.

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Visits to restaurants, events or cinemas, for example, should now be reserved only for those who have recovered and those who have been vaccinated.


Infection rates are rising again in France but not as fast as in Germany or indeed in Ireland.

President Macron will appear live on Tuesday, November 9, at 8 p.m., after insiders told French media that he is «very concerned about the health situation in Europe.»

At the moment no new restrictions are imposed.


It’s a similar story in Italy with cases rising and experts worried but no sign of new restrictions on the way.

Covid certificates do most things in the country and are not due to change soon.

Rest of Europe

For those who are planning trips to Amsterdam, Prague or any other city holidays this winter, it is advised to check before traveling.

The Netherlands recently imposed more restrictions on masks while most European countries are seeing a spike in cases again.

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