Coronavirus Ireland: 1,819 new cases of Covid-19 as pregnant women urged to seek advice if they are concerned about getting vaccinated

This afternoon, the Ministry of Health confirmed 1,819 new cases of COVID-19.

Cases and hospitalizations have continued to rise over the past few weeks, the highest number of daily cases since the end of January.

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There are now 206 Covid-19 patients in hospitals, 36 of whom are in intensive care units.

As Dublin’s Rotunda Maternity Hospital said it would not completely lift restrictions on partner visits due to lower uptake of the vaccine among pregnant women and their partners, Dr. Ronan Glenn, deputy chief medical officer at the Department of Health, urged pregnant women who had concerns about taking it. Covid-19 vaccine to contact the medical service for guidance.

“If you are pregnant and have concerns about taking the vaccine, speak to your GP, obstetrician or midwife for health guidance and advice tailored to your pregnancy. Use reliable sources of information such as the HSE or the Department of Health for the latest vaccine information.

Dr. Glenn confirmed that from tomorrow, registrations for the Covid-19 vaccine will be open for people between the ages of 12 and 15.

“Vaccination, along with essential public health measures, is the most effective way to protect a community from Covid-19.

“As of tomorrow, registration for the COVID-19 vaccine program is open for young people between the ages of 12 and 15.

“With more than 6 million doses of vaccine administered to date, every week we reach another important milestone in our journey out of this pandemic,” Dr. Glenn said.

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Meanwhile, health services in the West and Northwest are seeing record high hospital attendances due to the coronavirus.

District health services are urging people to follow public health guidelines after a spike in cases of the virus in the community.

Tony Canavan, CEO of Saolta Hospitals Group, said: “Our hospitals continue to handle record numbers of attendances in emergency departments. All the while, the number of COVID-19 infections in our communities is increasing and leading to an increase in the number of hospitalizations.

“We must remain vigilant and remain vigilant against COVID-19 if we are to protect the most vulnerable.

“While our vaccination program has been a huge success, we must not forget the daily practices that continue to keep us all safe.”

Hospitals in the area are urging people not to visit if they develop symptoms or have been in close contact with a case of COVID-19.

Dr. Aidan Ryan, Health, Safety and Environment Specialist in Public Health Medicine, said: “Covid-19 is spreading in our communities. It is important to continue to follow public health advice. Increased community testing will help identify people who may be infected. These people may be unaware that they are They may spread the virus.”

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