Foster breaks into the song at the top of Beck

Arlene Foster ended her last official engagement as First Secretary by singing Political Leaders with Frank Sinatra’s This Life.

Outgoing political leader Stormont broke into song at the Irish British Council summit in her hometown of Fermanagh.

She sang the lyrics appropriate to her favorite Sinatra song: «This is life. That’s what all people say. You come high in April, you’re dropped in May.»

The explosion drew applause from British and Irish political leaders.

Ms Foster was asked to hand it over after a request from a journalist.

Ms Foster left her role as leader of the DUP earlier this month and is due to step down as first minister next week.

Speaking at the British Irish Council Summit, she said: «I think it’s a good way to end my political career at the Irish British Council meeting in Fermanagh because it definitely sums up the entirety of the relationship and I’m glad everyone is here.

«I definitely don’t feel Norman-no-Mats because my teammates are all with me here today and we had a very good meeting.

«The value of the British Irish Council is that we are all equal and that is balance and all departments share their experiences and we all listen and participate in it all.»

Ms Foster said she felt «incredibly proud» that everyone who attended the summit was able to see her country of origin «at its best».

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«That’s the overwhelming feeling I’m feeling right now,» she added.

«I’ve always been proud of Fermanagh and am and still am an advocate for those who need me to do it.

“In terms of summarizing, I will do it on Monday, I am sure to attend the assembly and look forward to it.”

She also said that good advice for Northern Ireland’s incoming first minister, Paul Gevan, is to «watch his back».

Taoiseach Micheál Martin paid tribute to Ms. Foster during the lightning press conference.

“I want to heartily thank Arlene for her contribution to public life over the years, not only as first minister and in the DUP but over many years,” said Mr. Martin.

“Building bridges requires courageous politicians to develop effective and shared government.

“During the island’s peacebuilding journey, there will be many ups and downs, and there will be many ups and downs, but as political leaders we have to stick to the fundamentals and frameworks of the Good Friday Agreement.

“In this context, I believe it is essential for all of us to ensure that we protect, preserve and ensure that the institutions of the Good Friday Agreement are effective and work for the people of Northern Ireland, for the sake of the island of Ireland and for all the islands represented in the British Irish Council.

«We had a very good post this morning. So I’d like to thank Arlene for that contribution.»

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