Inquiry into a major fire in Belfast docks

The cause of a major fire at a scrap metal recycling center in Belfast Docks is still under investigation.

This morning, approximately 40 firefighters were still at the site of the fire that broke out on East Twin Road just before 1 p.m. yesterday.

The junkyard contains a large number of old cars and other items.

The fire had been burning intensely for nearly 24 hours, as flames and smoke dominated the city skyline, prompting police to urge owners of nearby homes to stay inside and close their windows.

By morning, the fire service had contained it, but it was still working to put it out.

At its height more than 50 fire crews and specialized equipment including a fire boat were deployed to deal with the fire.

Understandably, metal fires can start spontaneously and are difficult to put out.

The fire burned intensely for about 24 hours

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