Ireland faces a «blasphemous» entry to El Diablo in tonight’s Eurovision semi-finals

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Something from the Icelandic jury

Source: Eurovision Song Contest/Youtube

It’s that time of year again, thank God he says to you. After it was canceled last year due to the Covid crisis, the Eurovision Song Contest Back in 2021.

Rotterdam is this year’s host city There will be an audience of only 3000 at Ahoy Arena On all three nights (semi-finals and Saturday final).

It will be the first of two big nights for Ireland, as our actress Leslie Roy competes against 15 other countries for 10 places in the Final.

Roy will be performing her song «Maps» in seventh place tonight, so the blast happened in the middle of the semi-finals.

Ireland was present right before the controversial entry into Cyprus of El Diablo (The Devil) by Greek singer Elena Tsagrinou.

El Diablo has sparked waves since the intervention of the Cypriot Orthodox Church and religious groups, protesting that the song was blasphemous.

Blonde-haired Tsagrinou sings in Lady Gaga-esque’s English tone «I gave my heart to El Diablo … because he told me I was his angel.»

A protest was organized outside the Nicosia headquarters of CyBC state broadcaster, calling for the song to be removed from competition.

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The government and CyBC said the song had nothing to do with Satanism and argued that freedom of expression was protected.

About the song, the singer said it was about «a bad relationship with someone».

Unsurprisingly, the controversy moved Cyprus to the list of candidates for the global competition.

Italy is generally the favorites and is one of five «big countries» that qualify directly for the final due to the cash the colts receive for the competition.

Italian rock band Måneskin will perform Zitti E Buoni on Saturday.

when does it start? RTÉ 2 got you covered for the semi-finals tonight and Thursday at 8pm, with Saturday’s final on RTÉ One and BBC One from 8pm.

Something for the soul

Source: Camel/Youtube

I can’t see it Co-created by Oprah Winfrey and British Prince Harry, it is a new documentary series that explores mental health and emotional well-being through stories from people around the world.

In addition to the hosts, there are more listeners sharing stories of their struggles plus a lot of regular folk too.

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Something people talk about

Source: Amazon Prime Video UK/Youtube

Another Hollywood series featuring the likes of Morgan Freeman, Anne Hathaway, Helen Mirren, and Constance Wu, which premiered this week is Solos.

Much like the previous Amazon Prime show Modern Love, the science fiction anthology series solos are not related to the plot but to one connected topic.

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In this case, each stand-alone episode looks at different human experiences, as the program promises that it will explore «the strange, beautiful, endearing, funny, and surprising truths of what it means to be human.»

The whole thing is a bit futuristic and feels like to the positivity what Black Mirror means to dystopia.

when does it start? Streaming on Amazon Prime from Friday

Something that makes you feel old

Source: Virgin Media

Ant and Dec have been on TV together this year for 30 years, and the pair are taking a look at one of their most favorite shows.

SM Story: TV Live He sees the couple meet up with Cat Deeley to relive memories of the popular Saturday morning TV show that has made young people wake up early on weekends across Ireland and the UK. Something for us millennials.

when does it start? Sunday 7:45 pm on Virgin Media One

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