Ireland Vacation Hopes: The likely date and what you’ll need for your trip to Spain, Portugal and more

Taoiseach Micheal Martin is expected to announce summer reopening procedures later this evening.

Several changes are expected, including an increase in the number of people allowed to attend weddings, the resumption of service for hotels and B & Bs, as well as the reopening of in-house restaurants from July.

It has been widely reported that international travel will be allowed to return from July 19.

Ireland could see a return to overseas holidays from that date onwards under the European Union’s digital green certification scheme.

What will you need to be eligible for the certification?

The digital green certificate aims to facilitate safe travel between all European Union member states.

The testimony, simply put, is evidence that you are unlikely to spread Covid-19 while traveling.

It is digital evidence that you have either been vaccinated against Covid-19, have fully recovered from the virus or have had a negative PCR test before traveling.

Ireland could see a return to overseas holidays on July 19 with an EU digital green certificate.

How do you get the certificate?

National authorities will be responsible for issuing the certificate – which means you should be able to obtain certification from hospitals, testing centers, and health authorities.

It will come with a QR code, which can be stored on your phone, and which can be scanned to prove that you have received the vaccination or that you do not have Covid-19.

The certificate will also have a digital stamp to ensure it is original, and a hard copy of the certificate will also be available upon request.

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Should you be vaccinated for travel?

No, you will not need to be vaccinated.

The digital certificate will store any Covid-19 tests you received before traveling, which can be scanned by member states once you enter their country.

What countries will participate in the scheme?

The digital green certificate will facilitate travel between all member states within the European Union.

Spain. Portugal and Italy have already agreed to adopt the strategy.

How will free travel help?

When traveling, every citizen of the European Union or a citizen of other countries who legally resides or resides in the European Union, and holds a green digital certificate, should be exempt from restrictions on freedom of movement in the same way that citizens are exempt from the member state visited.

It will not be a precondition for freedom of movement, a fundamental right in the European Union, but will only aim to help coordinate the reopening of member states once international travel resumes.

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