Ireland’s weather: Met Eireann predict miserable days as the sun is replaced by torrential rain, thunder and floods

Ireland is set for a harrowing few days as torrential rain, thunder and floods hit the country.

The sunshine that everyone has enjoyed in recent weeks will be scattered to make way for miserable conditions by Saturday afternoon.

Ireland met She believes that the unstable conditions will remain until the end of next week at the earliest.

Despite the heavy rain, temperatures will still be very warm.

One forecaster said: “Mostly cloudy onset this morning, with scattered rain and drizzle. Shine from the southwest during the morning, with sunny spells and rising rain. Some rain will be heavy and thunderstorms leading to a risk of localized floods and hail: highest temperatures from 17 to 20 ° C, and in light of light to moderate southeast breezes it later deviates to the south.

“Moderate and humid tonight with scattered rain, still heavy at times. Lowest temperatures from 12°C to 14°C in southern light or variable breezes that allow for the formation of fog with hills and coastal fog.

“Sunday will start mostly cloudy with slow-moving thunderstorms on a large scale, leading to a risk of flooding. However, sunny periods will develop. Subsequent rains will mostly become confined to the east and north.

“Highest temperatures are 17°C to 20°C generally but a degree or more cooler in the west and southwest. Light to moderate southwest winds will become fresher along the south and west coasts.

«Sunny spells and scattered rain will start on Monday with more heavy rain over Ulster with more prolonged rain moving into the southern coastal counties in the evening.

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“The highest temperatures from 15°C to 19°C, the coldest in the west, and light to moderate south winds will return north.

“Dry and mostly bright start to Tuesday but scattered showers will develop, merging with longer periods of rain later as cloud cover increases. Highest temperatures from 16°C to 19°C generally in new moderate to westerly winds, easing later .

«Scattered rain will continue overnight with more rain likely for extended periods over the southern half of the country. Lowest temperatures from 9 to 11 degrees Celsius.»

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