Mickey Hart says authorities in Mauritius want the unsolved murder of his daughter Michaela McCarvey

Mickey Hart, director of the GAA, said he will continue to fight for justice for his murdered daughter Mikaela and will pressure the authorities in Mauritius to arrest her killers.

H said that the Mauritian authorities wanted the unsolved murder to «disappear», but he and Michaela’s widow John McArvy would not let that happen.

Mr Hart said the family was «extremely disappointed» by the lack of progress in Mauritius where his only daughter was murdered in her hotel room during their honeymoon in 2011.

Two hotel workers were acquitted of the murder of 27-year-old teacher Michaela after a high-profile trial in 2012.

Talking to Alster Herald «What’s the story?» The podcast director, Mr Hart, said his daughter’s killers were still on the move, and criticized the Mauritius authorities.

«I think they seem to think out of sight, out of their mind, if they just try to let it not happen, it’s going to go away, and I know for sure, John, and our family, we want to make sure it doesn’t go away. We want to keep bringing it up.»

“If this has to be done from time to time, we want to bring it into the public domain because we want those authorities to know that we are not happy with what they have done since Michaela was murdered and that is the simple truth of the matter.

You were killed within their power and they have not yet held anyone responsible for it. So the people who did it are still walking around and it’s not good enough.»

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